Le Boyfriend Anise

Remember how I said simple projects (and no tailored jackets)?  I lied. This isn’t the jacket I was talking about, which is currently in the mail, but another one. I can’t seem to keep away from outerwear lately. Maybe because I’ve discovered that North Carolina actually does get cold (I really didn’t miss the 7 degree walks to school I had in Chicago).

I needed an everyday coat anyway, so there. Besides, there is no hand tailoring on this bad boy and its shape requires little fitting.


I’m not sure what I’m glaring at in this one. This might be the point where Kyle is telling me to stop blinking so much. Apparently I’m not a good model!

Besides, the fabric was FREE!!! At least free to me. Kyle opened up his fabric stash and let me steal both the outer and lining fabrics (to be fair, there is still enough of both for him to make a jacket).


Also squinting. I was staring into the sun during much of this shoot. Which is to say, I don’t normally look this… cranky? Confused? I’m not sure what emotion this is here actually.

I *love* this coat, much more than I expected. I’ve always thought that the Anise pattern was really cute but I wasn’t sure that a boxier coat would work for me. I think it turned out well and is about as flattering as a short coat gets in my opinion.


I’m also super pleased with the buttons. The white on the salt-and-pepper coat adds just enough interest for me while still keeping everything basic. They also look exactly like the buttons on the sample jacket which is pretty funny.


Oh, and in case you were wondering that fountain is partially frozen. That giant chunk in it to my left is a big rock that someone threw at the ice that is slowly being eaten by the mini-glacier.

The pattern also fits really well, as do pretty much all Colette patterns do for me. I didn’t even bother to make a muslin on this one. My only adjustment was to take in each back seam about a half of an inch at the waist to make the coat a touch more streamlined.

If I made it again I would add some ease across the chest as it occasionally pulls a bit there but it hasn’t been enough to bother me. I might also deepen the pockets a bit, they are a bit useless at only about 2.5 inches deep. They work for holding my bus pass and phone but aren’t so great if your hands get cold. The coat might need to be lengthened to do that though since I think the pockets would look odd if they were much higher. That makes me wonder what this coat would look like at a mid-thigh length. Hmm…


*I am five, apparently.

Fabric: Angora stretch coating and plum lining with glittery stripes  (you can see a picture of the swatch in my last post) stolen errr, borrowed from Kyle.
Pattern: Anise from Colette patterns size 10

Also: thanks to Sue from Deerey Me! for nominating me for a Liebster award! I’ll be doing a proper post on that soon, hopefully this week.

Cheers all!

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