Actual Sewing Content

O.K., it isn’t actually what I gave you a teaser of in my last (non injury related) post. This was actually a 2012 project made in the short (very short) interim between finals madness and flying home for Christmas.


My best impersonation of a Joanie-approved pose. Though she would probably be annoyed that I’m in front of a camera sans makeup

This is the pencil skirt from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. As I may have mentioned a million times, I am more or less Gertie sized so this project has no alterations other than lopping 2 inches off of the length. Mid-calf is just not a good length on me. I also opted for the optional boning in the waistband which I’m going to go ahead and call non-optional for all future renditions, I just can’t imagine it not folding into an accordioned wad every time I bend over (or, lets be realistic, slouch).


The dart placement on this pattern really makes me happy. I have no idea why but two darts just seems infinitely more classy than one. Or I am easily amused.

I must say I really love this book. While it doesn’t give a lot of information on techniques unfamiliar to me it is a fabulous collection of patterns, especially if you want versions of the VoNBBS patterns without having to track them all down and resize them to more modern proportions. My one pet peeve is that the pattern pieces overlap, so you have no choice but to trace them out (or get each page copied several times I suppose). I generally trace patterns anyway but the maze of lines is difficult to follow for some of the pieces and you have to be careful not to trace a weird franken-pattern of multiple pieces. If you can get over that, it’s great! Also, have you heard she apparently has two, two, books in the works? I am super excited.


Again, these darts are legit. My jaunty shoulder sweater technique could use some work though.

The actual skirt I’m somewhat ambivalent about. Though it fits really well, the fabric isn’t my favorite. Its a heavy flannel houndstooth from JoAnn fabrics that I was hoping would make a warmer winter skirt without me having to try and pick out wool over the internet. It has pilled a fair bit with only 2 wears and just doesn’t look very nice to me. Honestly, I’m probably the only one that notices but next time I’m going to be a little more careful on the fabric selection. I’m imagining a collection of brightly colored wool skirts, maybe some with polka-dots, for next fall. It needs to happen.


More darts! Darts forever! Also, the lone mint button on the back pleases me. Especially when I found a t-shirt to match it.

Also, while we are here can we talk about how it needs to stop snowing in PA? About how it needs to stop snowing because this outfit really needs these shoes and not snow boots?5Thifting is often really hit and miss for me but this may be the equivalent of a home run: $10 kelly green leather heels for the win.

6 thoughts on “Actual Sewing Content

  1. This skirt is adorable! You should make a million more. And I should get my hands on Gertie’s book. I am pretty sure I have this same fabric in my stash, so I may end up making a copycat skirt. Hope ya don’t mind haha.

    • I think copy cats of basics in pretty classic prints don’t really count as copycats ; ) And I second the motion to get a hold of a copy, it’s probably among my favorites for the eye candy alone.

  2. Great skirt! Looks like the fit is spot on. I have the book too, I love al the fabulous patterns, if only I had the lifestyle to suit these pretty clothes. I might have to look for a new job haha!

    • I’m pretty lucky in that regard, as a graduate student you can more or less wear what ever you like (except when I’m teaching but even then dress code is pretty flexible) though I often get told I’m more than a little overdressed much of the time, I take it as a complement!

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