Ten Guesses

20130217-160148.jpgI’m pretty sure you won’t need ten guesses to figure out what I did.

I sewed through my finger. On Valentine’s Day of all things (yes, before you ask, the boyfriend did take me to the doctors to get it checked out. After he asked me why I sewed through my finger, of course). Other than feeling a bit silly in the ER not too much is wrong with it. Aside from the hole in my finger, anyway. I do get a nice course of antibiotics and a handy reminder that I should probably keep my tetanus up to date.

The funniest part though was everyone at the hospital wanted to know about my sewing. My doctor joked that he didn’t know that they made sewing machines anymore (I resisted getting a little snarky at this point, I really couldn’t tell if he was joking or not) but most of the nurses wanted to know what I was making and how long I’d been sewing. I got a lot of quick stories about home-ec classes in middle school, quilting grandmothers, and even a mother that cursed about hemming curtains. Except for the throbbing digit it was actually a little fun.

Anyway, considering I’ve been doing some kind of crafty something since childhood and this is the first time it had sent me to the doctor I’m doing pretty well. I’m also heartened by the fact that I’ve heard dozens of stories of sewers doing the same thing but none about anyone doing it a second time.

And if you’ve done it a second time, don’t tell me. I’m entirely fine with my delusions that my hobbies won’t bite back.

But seriously. Don’t tell me.

8 thoughts on “Ten Guesses

  1. AHHHH yikes! i’ve stabbed myself a million times with pins but never sewed over my finger. now i’ll be extra careful. at least you didn’t serge your finger, right! hope you’re doing better now

  2. ouch, does it hurt? I have to ask though, as I have been wondering after hearing other stories like yours, how do you sew over your finger? Does it go under the presser feet? Or between the feet and the needle? My brain seems to think that it’s technically impossible… please, enlighten me! :)

    • It isn’t too bad, mostly it just felt like slamming your finger in a car door (ok… that sounds kind of bad. But the pain goes away pretty quickly.) I’m not entirely sure how I managed it but I do know that the presser foot was up and I was moving fabric around. I think my pedal might have gotten caught on a shelf that sits under my desk, so the machine kept going even after I took my foot off of it. Moral: don’t put your hands close to the needle until it has totally stopped moving!

    • I’ve also been told I have relatively thin fingers, so maybe that makes it easier to do this? I’m pretty sure I got my finger under the foot because nothing else makes any sense.

    • The nice part is apparently they shouldn’t ever go through your finger bone (according to the doctor anyway) which they said requires more nasty fixes. I’m sure that doesn’t apply to industrial machines though.

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