Yep, I Lied


So a short hiatus turned into a semester long blog desertion. Once I got into the M.A. program groove, PhD applications took over along with final papers and general stress chez Toasty. Instead of blogging and sewing, the common practice became curling up in a corner with some Nutella and Doctor Who reruns.

With all that done and applications over with (except for the occasional nagging panic of “did I get in? Did I? DID I?”) and classes under control (not to mention the irritating lack of a job for the semester at the moment) sewing is mostly back in full swing and I even have a few projects to share over the coming weeks.

Avoiding the weirdness of New Years resolutions while making what seems suspiciously like one, I will be a better blogger. Not a good blogger, a timely blogger, or anything like that. I said better and I have, apparently, not set my own bar very high given my track record.

In more stitchy news, this is what is currently on the plate:

A dress. With foxes. Be still my sqweeing heart. I love this fabric so much even though I am normally not an orange and coral kind of gal.  I totally am a novelty print and woodland animal one though so I’m expanding my color horizons. This dress is actually finished but you’ll have to wait until less awful lighting to see it. That and I’ll have to brush my hair in between reading William Hazlett and Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution. Not to belittle the French Revolution but I feel that Burke might have been a little more positive if he had more leaping orange foxes in his life. Just a thought.

1/27/2013In a continuing novelty theme I bring you a bird sweater! Not much to say about this one except that it is moving very slowly, though through no fault of its own. The pattern is Ysolda Teague’s Chickadee and I have no idea about the yarn as I seem to have lost all of the ball bands.

On a separate note, have you seen her Narwhal Mittens? Normally I am firmly anti-mitten but I may have to make an exception.



Last but not least, a wiggle dress from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. Outside of being fabulously dull to photograph in progress (I blame grey wool) this is my new favorite. Ever. The size 8 fits like a glove with absolutely no alterations. Praise Gertie for having the same measurements as me, apparently. I’m debating whether or not this is going to get lined, as I would need to order fabric online (Pittsburgh is lovely except for its severe lack of good fabric stores) or pillage a lining from another soon-to-be project and I want to wear this dress now. I feel like the nerdy professor version of Joanie in it, which is basically truth in advertising except that I’m normally running around in a level of mild unkemptness that Joanie would probably fire me for. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Yep, I Lied

  1. At least you’re back :D

    I love the animal theme, love it! I am newbie knitter and looking at your jumper, I am thinking… as IF!! Please tell me you would have thought the same a few years back!?

    Bundana x

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