Meringue Skirt or an Exercise in Patience

I finished my wearable muslin yesterday, only a little late.

Scalloped muslin

I’m still a little on the fence about the scallops. I’m not sure they really fit my style, though my style seems to consist predominately of if-I-like-it-I-wear-it so I suppose this works.


Over all the fit was pretty good out of the box, all I did was lengthen the darts about an inch. What weird folds there are seem to be due more to fabric than fit and I can live with them.


This skirt was an exercise in patience was the scallops themselves. They were I bit of a pain to sew, but it was mostly the pressing that made me want to scratch out my own eye. My point turner, well, wasn’t turning all that well. I ended up sewing a pressing template┬áthe size of the finished scallop (basically the same thing you use to trace the seam allowance) out of heavy card stock. Then I just tucked it into the scallop and pressed et viola! Pressed scallops without all the fuss!

4 thoughts on “Meringue Skirt or an Exercise in Patience

  1. Ooh, really clever– I was wondering if anyone had tried making a pressing template like that! I’m definitely going to give that a shot, now that you recommend it!

    Your wearable muslin looks great! Best of luck with the final draft!

  2. Thanks everyone. And yes, the template really helped. I was dreading pressing all the scallops perfectly until I figured that one out. It just has to be made of something heavy enough that it won’t warp if you’re using steam, mine is out of photo matting board and it works pretty well.

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